Passenger Lifts

Passenger Lifts

A passenger lift is a type of lift that is designed to take passengers up and down a vertical lift shaft. Cabin and shaft sizes can vary in a passenger lift, but they are usually completely enclosed. Possible lifting mechanisms for a passenger lift include traction Geared Motor, Gearless Motor or hydraulic Pump set for lifting methods. At Home elevator, the majority of our lift models use hydraulic Pump sets to raise and lower the cabin.

The passenger lift is a modern and cost-effective way to move people up and down in buildings. Whether you are fit or you’re in a wheelchair, walker or have trouble moving around normally, passenger lifts offer easy convenience for everyone.

Lift Operating Mechanisms

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Who should use passenger lifts and why?

Passenger lifts, as the name suggests, are designed primarily for moving people although they are often used for moving small hand trolleys, persons in wheelchairs and sometimes prams/pushchairs.

Passenger lifts in hospitals are often large enough to accommodate a hospital bed.

Passenger lifts provide greater efficiency. They are almost free of noise and avoid any vibrations. Like hydraulic lifts, passenger lifts are capable of carrying heavy loads.

They are used for carrying minimum loads of 272 kg( Approximately equal to four people).


Greater Efficiency and Free of Noise. Passenger lifts provide greater efficiency

Control Optimum Traffic. Passenger lifts are suitable for carrying the passenger in malls and shops.

passenger Lifts are Easy To Use.

Passenger Lifts used by People at Work.

Effective Technology with Greater Reliability.