Now get affordable, robust and highly secure elevators in Sangli.

We are the only elevator manufacturer in Sangli giving extended 1 year warranty along with 4 years warranty on our elevators.

  • oogle rating score: 4.9 of 5, based on 67 reviews
  • oogle rating score: 4.9 of 5, based on 67 reviews



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    Get elevators for your residential or commercial project from one of the expert elevator manufacturers

    Installing or Maintaining elevators from a professional elevator company provides peace of mind. You can be assured that taking an elevator will be safe and secure without getting you in trouble.

    Why install elevators in Sangli from Manraj Elevators?

    • Experienced elevator technicians and engineers.
    • Genuine and high quality spares parts.
    • Fast project completion time.
    • Low maintenance and easy on the pocket.
    • 4 years plus additional 1 year Warranty.

    We offer different types of Services for elevators in Sangli

    Preventive Maintenance Performing preventive maintenance on elevator components involves tasks like lubrication, cleaning, adjustment, and the replacement of worn or damaged parts.

    Corrective Maintenance Addressing elevator faults through corrective maintenance includes tasks such as repairing or replacing broken or malfunctioning parts, with the goal of restoring the elevator to its normal operational state.

    Elevator Modernization Updating the elevator systems involves making them more modern. This includes upgrading the technology, design, and performance to meet the current standards and expectations.

    Regular Inspection It includes Routine checks on the elevator parts, including the doors, cables, brakes, motors, controllers, and safety devices.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In Sangli, we serve different areas with elevator installation & maintenance services.

    We offer elevator services in various talukas of Sangli district such as Miraj Palus Tasgaon Kavathe-Mahankal Jath Khanapur Atpadi Walwa Kadegaon Shirala.

    Elevator Installation & Services all over Western Maharashtra
    Manraj elevators provides elevator installation and maintenance service all over the Western Maharashtra including Satara, Sangli, kolhapur, Ratnagiri districts.
    Do you want to install a new elevator ?
    Then, buy our Manraj Elevators with an extra 1 year warranty.

    You get 4 plus additional 1 year warranty.
    Find the cost of your new elevator